Marble Monuments

We spend all our lives,

stacking dominoes.

We stack until monuments

of marble tower before us.

We stack on for miles

and miles, rows of dominoes

disappearing along the horizon.

When we stacked as many as we could,

We’d sit and marvel at its majestic glow,

building momentum to keep going.


Until someone comes along and rattles the earth

beneath us. We watch as the first domino begins to

fall. We run along them desperate to hold them

We’re helpless. We’re left to watch as

everything we’ve worked so hard for

crashes to the sand, and when it

is done, we’re left to stand

in the middle of our

shattered empire

to salvage what

is left behind

and start




Nothing about this

has ever made any sense.

A love of pain and passion

littered with suspense.

A true and tragic romance,

a symphony of dismay.

A satisfying ending

beginning every day.

My One in a Million

A million days of torture, a million with the blues,

A million in the depths of hell, just to be with you.

A million days inside the storm, for one inside the eye.

It’s worth the hurt and heartache, one day can get me by.


A million dark explosive nights, to laugh among the ash.

A million miles a minute flying, waiting for the crash.

A million gun fights, one on one, combatting with a knife.

I would die a million times, to keep you in my life.


A million lies resurfaced, a million accepting blame.

A million trapped alone in fear, calling out in vain.

A million moments pulling down, deep below the sea.

I don’t care how much it takes, just stay up here with me.


One millionth of a second on the surface of the sun

Is still a moment in the stars – we’ve only just begun.