A little doll with her pieces all scattered

Alone in the woods, but none of that mattered,

For broken apart she meant nothing at all,

But all of that changed early one fall.

When a little boy came with string in his hand,

A glow in his eye, and a quiet command.

He tied her back up, with love and with string

And when he was done, he started to sing

“Oh beautiful doll, with a heart that is true

What would I do if I never found you?”

The little doll thought, if only he knew,

How much and how deeply she needed him too.

Their love kept on growing until late in the spring,

Then the doll learned what heartbreak could bring.

The glow faded still, he just couldn’t stand

The way she looked with her head in her hands,

So he rolled up his string in a tight little ball

And walked up the hill, leaving nothing at all.

Just a sad little doll, her pieces all scattered,

Alone once again, as if she never mattered.


Love the Octopus

A feeling of calm bred in chaos.

A feeling of love dipped in tar.

A temple with walls all corroded,

From acid still thick in your heart.


A feeling of being without you.

A feeling of crumbling trust.

An echo of friends all with praises,

Dissolved in a pit of disgust.


A feeling of waiting forever.

A feeling of shattering glass.

A house with stuff just like ours,

That you burst in one final blast.

To the Wolf

The hardest thing I’ve had to do

Was forbid myself from seeing you

You were the one who decided to go

And I must stay guarded until I know

Whether or not you’ll ever come back

Or if time away can mend this crack

Sixty nights never seemed this long

But its sixty chances for you to move on

And forget all about our broken love

While I sit, hands clasped, searching above

You will be happy absorbing the sun

And I will be sinking, coming undone.


If only you saw what this love could be

Then we’d have it all, just you and me.