Escaping Eden

It feels like I’ve been ignited, as I was just once before. Still waters move momentous, waves crashing to the shore. 
I wait as mountains move me toward where I wish to be,

And hope the past of prejudice won’t poison all the trees. 
I always saw the clouds and gloom, I never saw the sky.

Until the day I saw what my perspective tried to hide. 

Much of what I needed, were things I always knew.

A set of seedlings kept from water, so they never grew.
The ground beneath me rich with properties of life

But I continued searching for someone else’s light.

A flower deep inside me, growing deep inside my heart

I wonder if this time around it will still tear me apart.
I feel the trees take root, at the floor beneath my feet,

And watch as branches force the birds to all retreat.

This garden was dry and dying, long before I had arrived.

I’m sure my getting out, is the only reason I survived.