How much do you love me?

You seem to ask that a lot. I never know what to say. I finally realized why. 

You laugh.

My heart is filled with fresh brewed tea. 

Your eyes widen and your cheeks flush.

A glow grows behind my eyes and your aura shines with gold.

Your head sinks into my chest.

Warm blankets blow in the breeze tickling my tummy. 

You look up at me.

My world spins so fast it almost feels still and stuck in time. 

You tell me you don’t want to seem crazy.

If only you knew how much I love you. I still don’t have the words. By the time I find them you’ve already made me love you more. 


True Intentions

It wasn’t like it all started this week

Not for me, I’m assuming not for him.

I’ve always felt it, but we never spoke

Not about that bubble, our bubble.

Where the haunting of our current love

Could not disrupt our emerging one.

I’ve always felt it, but we never spoke 

Not about how similar we were or 

About how the happiest I’d be in months

Was just catching up on the phone.

Or how anytime things got tough we’d run 

To each other, but we’d hide under our 

Veil of friendship, our little bubble.

Where we’d act like intention was innocent

But I’ve always felt for you what I feel now

Timing has just never been convenient.

When things dissolved for one, they’d flourish

For the other. A tennis match where there’s

only one racket that we pass back and forth. 

But I finally found another racket. 

My One in a Million

A million days of torture, a million with the blues,

A million in the depths of hell, just to be with you.

A million days inside the storm, for one inside the eye.

It’s worth the hurt and heartache, one day can get me by.


A million dark explosive nights, to laugh among the ash.

A million miles a minute flying, waiting for the crash.

A million gun fights, one on one, combatting with a knife.

I would die a million times, to keep you in my life.


A million lies resurfaced, a million accepting blame.

A million trapped alone in fear, calling out in vain.

A million moments pulling down, deep below the sea.

I don’t care how much it takes, just stay up here with me.


One millionth of a second on the surface of the sun

Is still a moment in the stars – we’ve only just begun.